Ginseng Boost

Ginseng Boost

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Ah, the proverbial ginseng.  Generations have fussed over it.  Your well meaning grandma has probably given you some before.  Even a reality show has been filmed about it.  But seriously, what's there not to love?  Low in energy or stressed by the day's events?  A sip of this expertly crafted tea will boost you right up.  And we've only used the most premium ginseng for this oolong blend.  It's refreshing.  Packs a punch.  Not overly strong.  And did we mention that the antioxidant levels are through the roof?  


Oolong tea leaves, Ginseng


A sneak peek into the taste of the orient.  This subtle blend of oolong and ginseng flavours is bound to please all chinese tea lovers.